About me


Since 2006 I have been working in the design industry and gained valuable expertise as User and Customer Experience Designer in design studios. I had the pleasure to work with creatives, developers as well as high managers. I had to pleasure to serve clients like the Austrian National Theatre Burgtheater, Austria’s largest mobility services provider ÖBB and one of the largest furniture retailers in the world XXXLutz group.

In addition to my work as UX designer, I create illustrations to explain and visualize contents. Furthermore I worked as a UX mentor for the e-learning plattform CareerFoundry to prepared students for the work as as UX designer.


It is my objective to first understand customer behaviors, mindsets and emotional motivations in order to create products and services which users gladly use, because only then a true business value can be generated. Although seeing myself as an ambassador of customers I act on the maxim to create added value for the businesses.

My credo: empathic design.

Emotions are so powerful they influence our perception, decision making, and even memory — the more emotional an experience the better we remember it. These are key factors who decide about buying a product or using a service.

Are you curious already?

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Alexandra Pexider
User Experience & Consulting